For any business it is crucial to understand the importance of providing service that consistently exceeds customer expectations. Once customer service representatives have gone through these trainings, it is expected that they can demonstrate the hallmarks of best customer service. Also this workshop will primarily pave the stone to make you a person with positive outlook for your professional & personal life.

Understanding customers' expectations and behaviors is essential to implementing a successful customer-focused service approach. But how do we get to the core of what our customers truly value? These programmes explore what customers’ value from a service perspective and how to identify their needs and expectations. It also examines how we can use customer relationship management tools to he identify and manage customer expectations in order to maintain competitive advantage. These programmes cover how to build rapport with customers by being customer-focused, including being able to connect with our customers, being positive, paying close attention to the customers' needs, and understanding their feelings by empathizing with them which is the key to business success in today's world.


The objective is to help better understand the powers & expectations of both external & internal customers.

Understand common customer mindsets to assess each customer’s service expectations in order to exceed them and generate customer satisfaction plus

Know the service enhancements customers expect, and your role in exceeding their expectations. The outcome will be team members committing to a PURPOSE and select 3 self development projects.

The objective it to help customer service representatives understand that small differences in phraseology & tone of voice will improve the level of customer service. The outcome will teach team members to master responses that please customers and learn to avoid those customers find objectionable.

The objective is to help customer service representatives use communication tools/skills while conducting common customer interactions. The outcome of this exercise will allow the team members to master the customer service skills for using feedback, questioning, routine conversation and also telephone etiquette.

To help customer service team members to portray an image of professionalism that encourages customers to work more cooperatively with them. A benefit includes an improved level of customer service provided to both internal and external customers.

Understand the severity of customer complaints. The outcome will be that team members will be able to distinguish between and deal with complaints appropriately to reduce sabotage.

Know the nature of angry customers & why rational solutions often fail when dealing with them. You will learn how to resolve the toughest kinds of customer complaints and return customers to satisfaction.


• Create and embed understanding of customer service
• Know why it is important for a business; shaping the direction of customer service in an organization
• Customer service in field and over the phone
• Building rapport for a Strong customer relationships
• Customer service confrontation & conflict
• Know who are your customers, what they want from us, Internal customer service
• Understand the idea of customer service & customer delight
• Do’s and Don’ts to become a efficient customer manager
• Levels, aspects and nature of customer expectation
• Handling tough customers & Art of turning a bad experience in to a good one
• Etiquettes & Norms of a Professional Customer manager.
• Team Player, Team building
• Leadership Attributes and skills


Embed a service mindset to start an ultimate
journey toward- ‘Every customer walks out
with a satisfactory smile on their face
delighted with the personality who served’.


• Short Lectures with real life example
• Brainstorming exercises
• Role play
• Group discussions
• Personal action plans


Individuals who are keen for self developmentand want to develop or refresh theircustomer service skills.

Course Facilitator

Mohammad Hamza Mahbub
Lead Consultant, AEON
Former Management Consultant
SAP ERP & Wincor Core team of
RSL(AGORA), SCB, Gala Coral
Group, Tesco, McDonald’s and
European Union

Mohammad Hamza Mahbub with 14 years of solid experience in service and retail industry has worked in both International and National Level. When it comes to retail management, he is an expert who has worked with global organizations like Gala Coral Group, Standard Chartered Bank, Tesco, McDonald’s and European Union. Currently he is the lead consultant at AEON, a prominent IT firm specializes in Retail Management Software. He has successfully completed numerous training both home and abroad including TOT (Train the Trainers) by Sensei international, Training on Salesmanship, leadership and team building, Effective supervision and delegation and training for success in customer care conducted by Gala Coral group. He started his career in retail management in MacDonald’s UK, as a part of the Crew Member. He then joined Tesco as a supervisor, market leader in supermarket industry in UK with a market share 31%. After that he served European Union and Gala Coral Group in different Management roles. At Coral, he was in charge of 31 retail stores of Central London. Upon his return to Bangladesh, he worked in Standard Chartered as a Team Leader and Rahimafrooz Superstores Limited as an internal Trainer and Core SAP ERP Member and Wincor team lead where his core responsibilities were Delivering training of all employees both technical (SAP and Wincor) and soft skills, Developing training materials for retail school and performing as one of the core in-house trainers, team lead for the implementation of Wincor POS, responsible for SAP and Wincor integration and assuring compatibility with retail operations along with managing the most prestigious and profitable outlet of Rahimafrooz superstores ltd.

He completed his B. S. S. and M.S.S in Anthropology from Dhaka University. He also holds a diploma in Diploma in Network Centered Computing from NIIT.

Lesson Details

  • Self Development
  • Personal Excellence Through NLP
  • Who are Customers?
  • What is customer service?
  • Building Rapport with Customers
  • Modern day customer service
  • Improving Profits by Improving Customer Service
  • Factors that matter to make a difference
  • Customer service is a passion: Good to Best
  • Consequences of bad customer service
  • How much one customer is worth! Net worth calculation a customer..Myth or truth?
  • Types of customer service, Excellent and Awful
  • Get in the shoes of your customer
  • Mantra of a fabulous customer manager
  • Standards & Theme of customer care
  • 25 customer service Fundaments
  • Managing expectation, it's a matter of attitude
  • Making a difference for my customers
  • Customer Experience Levels
  • Tricks to become an efficient customer manager –setting goals, sharpen the saw, balancing between priorities, Individual development plan
  • Living a purposeful life
  • Mental Habits for Success
  • Conversational Tools –Tips to improve; exercise; Role play
  • Speaking a customer's language
  • Taking an owners mindset = results to a positive & dynamic work environment.
  • Commitment to personal improvement
  • Basic four-Step of customer service
  • Managing a customer focus department / organization
  • Handling complaints & managing customer expectation;
  • Service recovery
  • Turning a bad experience into a good one
  • Inclusive/ parameter that matter to create a lasting impression-better housekeeping, work area tidiness exibits a positive energy that shows a well taken care of business. Hygiene, cleanliness, maintenance and workplace safety, Interactive Exercise: Premise auditing
  • The oldest trick to create an impression: convey a professional image, mind your manner and do your homework
  • Customer service representative: Professionalism; Exercise: Interactive
  • Working as a team player, team building, effective supervision and delegation
  • Planning to Live Your Life Your Way (ANCHOR)
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