Aiming to add life to corporate existence, AEON helps organizations unlock their potentials being an innovative business catalyst. Aeon was licensed in April 2010, starting operations in July 2010. Soon the company, which was then playing a one man show with its Founder and CEO Sarker Faisal Uddin, started to attract attention in the corporate world, with its grand success in its very first project, where Aeon covered everything, beginning with office equipment and stationary supply to PR and TV commercials for the 25th year celebration event of a leading insurance company. Aeon also feels its obligation to the society and is dedicated towards maintaining ethical and environmental friendly principles in its services and in the work place.


Aeon, derived from the original Greek word “ho aion”, means life, being, time, age, forever or for eternity; the meanings which reflect the mission, vision, objective and style of services of the organization.


Life: Aeon aims to add life to the corporate existence and establish an iconic figure in the industry through its diverse services, ethical practices and environmental friendly standards.


Time: Aeon through its contribution to the society sees Bangladesh in the next age, the age in which Bangladesh establishes itself in the developed world.


Eternity: Take Aeon's mission a step forward, every second towards its vision and beyond.

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